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  1. Thanksgiving Traditions to Hold on to and Start

    Someone told me a while ago: “You don’t marry a person, you marry a family.” I couldn’t agree more. I married into a terrific family. Family get-togethers are always God-honoring and fun. It is not unusual to have 30 to 50 enjoy a Thanksgiving together. Coming from over a half dozen states- coordinating the family…

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  2. Why Not Write Your Own Personal Mission Statement?

    You see mission statements all over the place. Our local hospital even has it in their elevators. Businesses have them. Schools have them. Churches have them too. Here are just a couple of samples. The first is typical. The second is from a company I would work for if I wasn’t doing what I do…

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  3. Good Advice from a Teen

    My parents placed a great emphasis on manners in the home. Table manners were very important to our family. If I was forced to I could have written a dozen or so house rules for proper manners. “No singing at the table.” “Ask to be excused.” “Don’t run with scissors in your hand.” Maybe, just…

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