As an autonomous ministry of Hardingville Bible Church, Gloucester County Christian School is self-supporting and funded by tuition and supporting gifts from church members, alumni, parents, and family members. As Christian schools have been falling upon difficult times financially, God has continued to bless Gloucester County Christian School, enabling us to maintain manageable tuition costs for the high quality of education provided by our faculty and staff. However, the administration of the school and the members of Hardingville Bible Church are committed to ensuring a future of excellence in Christian Education and have desired to establish means by which the school can be supported financially in other ways to avoid significant increases in tuition. We trust that you will also recognize the value and necessity of a Biblical, Gospel-Centered Christian education for young people both at Hardingville Bible Church and the various local sister church ministries in our area.

You can partner with the members and administration of Hardingville Bible Church to support GCCS with financial or other gifts to help ensure a future of excellence in Christian Education in Gloucester County. For more information, please visit the links below.

Alumni Association

If you are a GCCS graduate and would like to give your contact information so that former classmates can contact you, or you simply have something to say, email your name, address, phone number, a photo and any comments to Mr. Don Netz. You can contact him by sending an email to oc.sc1540094651cg@zt1540094651end1540094651

Endowment Fund

GCCS is establishing an endowment fund to help ensure a bright future for the school. The GCCS “More Than Conqueror’s” Fund will help to keep tuition affordable for all students, improve faculty benefits, enhance grounds and facility, advance technology, and enable specialized learning programs.


PACE is Parents Assisting in Christian Education, and the main focus of this parent organized group is to raise funds for special projects around our school. We volunteer our time, resources, abilities and love to see our Christian school advance in many areas. Meeting notes are available in the school store. Check out the support page for more details.

AmeriGas School Days

Gloucester County Christian School participates in the AmeriGas School Days program, which has been designed by Amerigas to enable local schools to receive up to $2,000 of donations per school year from AmeriGas. Simply collect and send in your AmeriGas receipts, and the school will earn $.02 per gallon! Check out the support page for more details.

Labels for Education

By saving and redeeming product UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from participating products, Gloucester County Christian School can earn FREE educational merchandise, such as computers, software, sports equipment, musical instruments, and library books. Check out the support page for more details.

Box Tops for Education

Gloucester County Christian School participates in the program and may earn up to $20,000 cash per year (beginning on March 2 of every year) based on the participation of parents and students. Saving box tops from these products is an easy way to bring in extra funds to help our school purchase various extra needed supplies and products to assist in the quality of our education programs. Check out the support page for more details.