Friends and Graduates of GCCS,

Gloucester County Christian School needs your help. Like many Christian schools, GCCS is experiencing challenging times. Expenses continue to increase but enrollment, the primary source of revenue, continues to decrease. Historically, enrollment at GCCS hit an all-time high of 420 students in 2004-2005. Our average enrollment during a 12-year period was 375. But in the last four years we have seen a steady decline and our current enrollment stands at 250. Losing the annual tuition revenue of well over 100 students in such a short period of time has had a drastic effect on our budget. While not in debt, GCCS has had to tap into financial reserves to balance our budget in order to continue providing a quality Christian education. But reserves only last so long, and so we are seeking financial help from those who believe in what GCCS stands for and provides.

We have tried to reduce expenses yet at the same time seek ways to improve academics and facilities. Technology for teachers and students has been significantly improved, and we recently completed an elementary school consolidation/renovation project. We now have Pre-K through 6th grade in one building.

While there is no one reason why our enrollment has declined, we realize it is a financial sacrifice for families to send their children to a Christian school. Often parents express the desire to see their children attend GCCS, but the financial burden is too great. Others withdraw or do not re-enroll for the same reason.

With that said, the administration and school board has started a Tuition Assistance Fund, and this is why we are reaching out to you. The fund is intended to provide a tuition benefit as an incentive for new families to enroll, as well as to help those that want to keep their children at GCCS but are finding it difficult to meet their financial obligations.

We are reaching out to alumni and friends of GCCS asking for your help to generate the funds needed to increase our enrollment. We have set up an online giving option through Donorbox. Your charitable contribution can be designated for the Tuition Assistance Fund or, if you so desire, other areas of need. You can make a one-time donation or set up an automatic monthly contribution. Of course, donations are gladly received by check or money order if you prefer.

We are at a critical point that will decide the future of our school. Please pray that the leadership will make wise decisions, and we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can help. We are trusting God to provide, in part through you. Thank you for your support and continued prayers for our school. We encourage you to pass this information on to other friends of our Christian school that may want to help.

Seeking to honor Him,

The Leadership Team

            John Mark Turner,  Sr. Pastor/Administrator

            Mary Davis, Elementary Principal

            Don Netz, Secondary Principal

            Adam Capel, Secondary Vice Principal

            GCCS School Board

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