Rebecca Snyder, Fine Arts Faculty ~ Rebecca is the Music teacher at GCCS and an alumni of the Class of 2015. Rebecca is in her fourth year of teaching, all at GCCS, where she is responsible for teaching Elementary Music classes and Junior High Music Appreciation 1 & 2, while also directing both Junior High and Senior High levels of Handbell Choir, Handbell Ensemble, Choir, Choral Group, Large Vocal Ensemble, and Small Vocal Ensemble. Rebecca is also responsible for preparing and directing the Christmas and Spring Concerts; coaching the junior high and senior high music groups for state and national fine arts competitions; and accompanying the annual Kindergarten Train Play, Kindergarten Graduation, and Senior Graduation. Rebecca earned her BMus in Music/Piano Pedagogy from Bob Jones University and prior to full-time teaching had a music internship at BJU and was a substitute teacher. Rebecca is also a Google Level 1 Certified Educator. She is active in the Music Ministry of her church as church pianist, choir member, woodwind orchestra member, and VBS pianist. As well Rebecca enjoys composing sacred piano and choral arrangements in her free time.