Blaze Pagliarini, High School Faculty ~ Blaze Pagliarini is a member of the Science Department at GCCS. He currently teaches General Biology and has previously taught Earth Science. Blaze earned a B.S. in Biology from Bob Jones University, has been in education for 6 years, and is a Google Level 1 Certified Educator. Blaze is also active at Hardingville Bible Church as the Youth Pastor, where in addition to preaching and counseling he leads the youth group, organizes the children’s King’s Kids program, ministers in VBS, teaches Sunday School, and runs special youth activities. Blaze is married to the lovely Rosemary Pagliarini (former GCCS Secretary) and according to Blaze they have the world’s most amazing three-year old son and newborn daughter. Besides his passion for working with young people and seeing them grow in Christ, Blaze enjoys gardening, hunting and fishing, hiking, and being an amateur ornithologist.