Gloucester County Christian School held its 36th commencement at Hardingville Bible Church on Friday evening, June 8, 2018.

The commencement speaker was Dr. Daniel Anderson, President of Appalachian Bible College. He created this “Conqueror’s Creed” for us from Colossians 3:17:

“In all that I plan, do the best that I can, for God not man”

Graduation at GCCS is highlighted by the receiving of awards, scholarships, and of course, the diploma!

The following received special recognition:

Class of 2018

Caitlin MullerValedictorian

Drew Monteleone-HaughtSalutatorian, Vineland Fire Department-Lloyd Rochetti Scholarship

Faith DugganDidaskolos Award (Future Teacher)

Brett GrossoUS Marine Corps League Scholarship

The Conqueror Award is given to students who have continuously attended GCCS from Kindergarten to 12th grade: Amanda Anzaldo, Lauren Cassaday, Faith Duggan, Jonathan Gerges, Abigail Harris, Lauren Hunter, Megan Hunter, Jonathan Jefferys, Danielle Kalogiros, Brady Mariner, Abigail Moore, Lauren Murray, Ryan Petzitillo, Riley Rudd.

A special thanks goes out to the senior class advisor, Dawn Hunter!

Pray for our students as they begin their next journey into education and the work force!

Attending DeSales UniversityDrew Monteleone-Haught

Attending Pensacola Christian CollegeMadison Gossard, Aaron Haines

Attending Regent UniversityCaitlin Muller

Attending Rowan College at Gloucester CountyAmanda Anzaldo, Lauren Cassaday, Marlana Centeno, Faith Duggan (Geneva College), Brett Grosso, Lauren Hunter, Megan Hunter, Jonathan Jefferys, Danielle Kalogiros, Gabrielle Kennedy, Brady Mariner, Sarah McIntyre, Cassidy Minix, Seth Nicktern, Ryan Petzitillo, Joselyn Rodrigues, Tara Spaulding, Jillian Shields, Samantha Socha

Attending Rowan UniversityAubrey Domico, Jonathan Gerges

Attending Rutgers UniversityCaitlynn Lam

Attending Salem Community College: Riley Rudd

Attending Stockton UniversityAbigail Harris

Attending Wilmington University: Lauren Murray

Attending Word of Life Bible InstituteAbby Moore