I recently was assigned to put together a bulletin board in the high school lobby. Have you ever heard of Pinterest? It was a big help. So I asked my Facebook friends to tell me why they love GCCS. Here is a copy-paste version of their replies. Thank you everyone for your kind words. We do strive to honor the Lord here at GCCS. You make it so much easier!

“Great chapels, good friends, caring teachers Those are the reasons my daughter has mentioned.

“However you want to word this, let’s just say I’m seriously grateful to have had the most awkward years (Jr high) at GCCS instead of public school. I also still talk to and count as friends so many people from just those 3 years

“I love GCCS because I know how much the faculty loves Jesus. Thank you all, by the way, for living Jesus in front of students for decades.

“The teachers love the Lord and they love the kids.

“I have only been part of GCCS for two years…but in that short period of time, I have found the staff very caring about our young people.

“Having my daughter in public school, I love that when I went there, the classes were small and I got to go through all 13 years with some of the same kids. It was comfort knowing from 1 year to another that I knew who was in my class.

“GCCS family supporting our family in crisis.

“GCCS faculty desire to see students succeed, going above and beyond to help make it happen.

“GCCS is family. Growing together in their walk with God, loving, learning, and caring about each other daily.

“Fair, loving, consistent teachers.

“Admin and staff that love you like family.

“The school Store” helping out with the cost of uniforms.

“ Janet Iles’ plays.

“The teachers, administrators, coaches, and staff have not only instructed my children’s minds, they have cared for their hearts, and have been good examples of the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

“A loving and Godly environment!!

“Senior high retreat! Soccer! Choric speaking, reader’s theater

“I wish I knew Jesus then like I do now. I didn’t take advantage of, nor appreciate the opportunity to hear Gods word daily in chapel and see it lived out by those around me.

“The word of the living God Jesus Christ spoken into my children each day

“Handbells of course!

“Because my kids know their teachers love them.

“The students involved in the different sports teams glorifying God in their conduct even when things are not going the way they had hoped.

“Singing in chapel.

“The impact of loving Christian teachers who cared not only about our education but our spiritual condition was life shaping and life changing for me.

“I echo much of what has already been mentioned. I still frequently recall many aspects that instilled a spiritual foundation that has shaped me where I am today.

“Great teachers.

“Sending all four of my kids from kindergarten through 12 grade was such a blessing to do. Working there was also a blessing. Seeing how the staff would guide our kids in all areas with Godly Love, to make it in this world. Spiritual, emotional, economics, music, sports, etc….. Thank you all at GCCS!!!

“I like GCCS because it is still providing a Christian education and improving its program after many years of ministry. I was a student there around the 1970’s and taught there in the 1980’s. I am glad it has grown and prospered since those early days.

“Love the school, love the staff and love that the second generation of our family is now there

“Lifelong friends.

“Homeschool families are welcomed; “hybrid” students are allowed to participate in group activities; biblical standards are high; coaches, teachers, staff are Christ-Followers; and the principal is a truly a pal.

“In the nine years I have been going to HBC I have learned to appreciate the hard work that staff and administration put in to running a successful Christian school. I think back to my own ignorance in the past and how I mocked Christian education. The students I come in contact with are much more advanced Biblically, academically, and socially then their public school counterparts.