GCCS hosted an educator’s conference in early November of 2016. We contact various Christian universities to get someone to speak to our faculty about the ministry of education and how to improve our “craft.” We were blessed this year to have Dr. Nick Uwarow with us. He is a part of the education faculty (School of Education) at Bob Jones University. He spoke to us about teaching methods, the “one anothers” in the New Testament, the philosophy of Christian education, and the place of education. The faculty was challenged and enriched.

A few days later I received an email from Dr. Uwarow. He wrote: “I trust all is going well as you get back to school … I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, your wife and the faculty. You have an outstanding school. The facilities are very inviting, functional, attractive and well maintained. The diversity in your staff is “enviable”. It’s a blessing to have young, innovative, energetic  teachers and scarred veterans whose longevity speaks volumes. That is an ideal combo.  As was said, everything rises and falls on leadership.  My prayer is that there would have been a few nuggets that each teacher took with him/her.”

Kind words from a seasoned educator. To God be the glory.