Genesis 1:26-28 introduces us to what many Bible-believing Christians call the “Creation Mandate.” What is taught is that we as image bearers of God are to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. Having dominion does not mean we can do what we please and pollute the air, water, and earth. Just the opposite is true. We are to take care of it. Scientific discovery for human-kind’s good is part of that dominion process.

forest 001Forest Stewardship Program
GCCS recently (2016) became part of the New Jersey Forest Stewardship Program. From the website: “The New Jersey Woodland Stewards Program (NJ WSP) is an educational program of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, the New Jersey Forest Stewardship Program, State Forestry Services, and the New Jersey Forestry Association. The program is intended to encourage management of private forestland for non-commodity benefits, such as wildlife, recreation, aesthetics and water quality.  Forest Stewardship promotes long-term active management while emphasizing consideration of all the forest forestsresources and benefits.

Benefits of participation in FSP
Among the many benefits of participation are the availability of both technical and financial management assistance; environmentally responsible management of New Jersey’s forest resources; active involvement in forest management; public recognition as a steward of the land; and the personal satisfaction of managing forest resources for present and future generations.”

recycle cansRecycle
GCCS is doing its part to take care of this part of South Jersey. With more than a dozen recycle containers emptied weekly we save lots of trees by recycling tons of paper during the school year.