I have been controlled by the ring of the school bell in one way or another since September 1958. Kindergarten in Syracuse, NY. I truly had to walk through three feet of snow as my little five year old body trudged through the upstate New York snow.

Now it is August in New Jersey and the halls of our school are empty and quiet.

In just a few short weeks we will be opening our doors to the delight of over 350 students. Actually the parents are delighted. The students… the students maybe not so delighted.

Frank E. Gaebelein, in his groundbreaking book The Pattern of God’s Truth published in 1954 stated: “Once more, we set down the premise: All truth is God’s truth. Whereupon we must conclude that Christian education has a holy obligation to stand for and honor truth wherever it is found… To be sure, revealed truth, as stated in the Word of God and known through Christ, is of higher importance than natural truth. But the latter is also within the pattern of God’s truth.” This is the challenge we face at Gloucester County Christian School each day. We are thankful to God for those that have entrusted their child into our care and instruction. Please pray for the ministry and staff as we endeavor to teach the truth.

Just a few short weeks.

I can’t wait to hear the ring of the school bell and the sounds of the students here at GCCS.

Don Netz has been principal at Gloucester County Christian School since 1987. His wife, Bonnie teaches Fifth Grade at GCCS and all five of their sons are alumni of GCCS.