Gloucester County Christian School | Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser

The PACE sponsored GCCS

Walk-A-Thon & Sock-A-Thon

We’re putting some new twists on a time-honored fundraising tradition. Read below to find out more about how High School can earn a trip to Ocean City and Elementary can put a cherry-on-top of Mr. May’s day!

October 9th and October 23rd
OC Boardwalk (HS) | GCCS Campus (elementary)

Donations will go to improving campus technology!

High School
Each 7-12 grade student who raises at least $75 will take a trip to the Ocean City Boardwalk on Wednedsay, Oct 9th.
DEADLINE: October 4th.
4th – 6th
The upper elementary grades will participate in our time honored traditional walk-a-thon on Oct 23rd. The more you raise the more opportunities you’ll have to win prizes at our awards assembly AND make Mr. May into a Sundae on a Monday!
PK3 – 3rd
The lower elementary grades will participate in our new twist on the traditional walk-a-thon on Oct 23rd – a SOCK-A-Thon. If you raise at least $10, you’ll have an opportunity to win prizes at a pep rally AND make Mr. May into a Sundae on a Monday!
High School – Full Details and Donation Tracker                                                           Elementary – Full Details and Donation Tracker