Doreen DeLoach, High School Faculty

Doreen DeLoach, High School Faculty~ Doreen DeLoach is a member of the English department at GCCS, who is currently teaching 7th through 10th grade English. She has been in education 13 years and was the 1st grade teacher at GCCS for the 2018-2019 school year. Doreen earned her Education, Reading Specialist and Child Drama Degrees from Rowan University and holds a New Jersey Teacher Certification. Besides a classroom teacher she has also been a Reading Specialist, a Curriculum Writing Committee member, a Standardized Testing Coordinator, and a Homeshcool Educator. Doreen, her husband, son, and daughter are all involved in their church, where Doreen is part of the Worship Ministry. Doreen is also active in her community where she does Volunteer Tutoring, Vocal Coaching, and Community Sports & Recreation Center Volunteering. When not teaching, Doreen enjoys walking, singing, and educational research.