This is for practice and keeping sharp. Please achieve a smart score of 80 AND work for at least 20 min on EACH topic.  Please read the FAQ below to help answer any questions you have about the requirements. This assignment will count as your first graded IXL assignment for the first marking period and is due by 8am on Friday, September 6, 2019.


As a bonus, once the entire assignment is completed you will have an opportunity to earn extra credit points on a future quiz. For each full hour spent on IXL’s Diagnostic Arena you can earn an extra credit point with a maximum of 10 potential extra points earned.


Please contact the main office for questions regarding IXL usernames and passwords.  If you have trouble completing a given category, please refer to videos on the topic at

Also, please note that due to summer updates, complete the targets by title not by target  number. Target numbers may change.


Incoming Trigonometry Students:

IXL Algebra 1 Review Topics:

  • C.5 Solve proportions
  • F.16 Pythagorean theorem
  • H.2 Distributive property
  • J.5 Solve advanced linear equations
  • J.6 Solve equations with variables on both sides
  • Z.4 Add and subtract polynomials
  • Z.8 Multiply two binomials
  • AA.2 Factor out a monomial
  • AA.4 Factor quadratics with leading coefficient 1
  • EE.8 Simplify radical expressions: mixed review


Incoming PreCalculus Students:

IXL Algebra 2 Review Topics:

  • K.2 Add and subtract polynomials
  • Y.1 Pythagorean Theorem and its converse
  • Y.2 Special right triangles
  • Y.3 Trigonometric ratios: sin, cos, and tan
  • X.1 Convert between radians and degrees
  • E.10 Solve a system of equations using any method (elimination, substitution, graphing)
  • D.1 Domain and range
  • H.6 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide complex numbers
  • J.8 Solve a quadratic equation by factoring
  • J.11 Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula


Incoming Algebra II Students:

IXL Algebra I Review Topics:

  • A.1 Compare and order rational numbers
  • A.3 Number lines
  • A.4 Convert between decimals and fractions
  • B.1 Add, subtract, multiply and divide integers
  • B.2 Evaluate numerical expressions involving integers
  • B.3 Evaluate variable expressions involving integers
  • D.1 Convert between percents, fractions and decimals
  • J.3 Solve one-step linear equations
  • J. 4 Solve two-step linear equations
  • H.2 Distributive property


Incoming Geometry Students:

IXL Algebra 1 Review Topics

  • D.1 Convert percents, fractions, decimals
  • D.2 Solve percent equations
  • F.1 Perimeter
  • F.2 Area
  • G.1 Coordinate Plane Review
  • H.1 Properties of addition and multiplication
  • H.2 Distributive property
  • H.4 Properties of equality
  • S.12 Linear equations: Solve for y
  • U.14 Solving a system of equations using any method


Incoming Algebra I Students:

IXL 8th Grade Math Review Topics

  • B.1 Integers on a number line
  • B.4 Compare and Order Integers
  • C.4 Add and subtract  three or more integers
  • C.7 Multiply and Divide Integers
  • J.1 Convert between percents, fractions and decimals
  • N.1 Coordinate plane review
  • W.1 Which X satisfies an equation
  • W.6 Solve one-step equations
  • W.7 Solve two-step equations
  • W.9 Solve equations involving like terms


FAQ Section:

  1. What if I have already done that skill on IXL?


  • If you have spent time previously working on an assigned skill, you must spend another 20 minutes on the skill between the dates of June 5, 2019 and September 6, 2019. If your smart score was previously a 100, you must spend 20 minutes on the skill between 6/6/19 – 9/6/19 or until you reach a 100 ‘again’.  If you smart score was between 1-99, you must spend the full 20 minutes on the skill between 6/6/19 – 9/6/19 or until you reach a 100 from your previous score and then 100 ‘again’.



  1. What if I cannot reach a smart score of 80 after 20 minutes?
  •  If you cannot reach a smart score of 80 in 20 min, watch a video on the skill on Khan Academy and read through the IXL worked out solutions, then try for an additional 20 min. If you still cannot reach a smart score of 80 after 40 min, write a note to the teacher and you will still receive full credit for the assignment.


  1. What if I reach a smart score of 80 before 20 minutes is up?


  • Keep up the good work!  Keep working for the full 20 minutes to try to reach a smart score of 100. If you reach 100 before the 20 minutes is up, you may stop early.



  1. How can I check my minutes?


  • Minutes can be checked through the “Analytics” tab at the top of the page.
  • Remember that IXL only records your ACTIVE time.  Be sure to verify you have the full, required time before moving on to the next category.