Day 34-42: Things are coming together, espescially with the help of our wonderful workday helpers!

New signage outside the Elementary Principal’s office

New signage for the Nurse’s Office


Mrs. Menden’s new classroom sign




1st Grade

1st Grade

Mr Ham: A maestro with the paint brush!

Mrs. Rainey prepping the mural

Class of 2018 alum Gabby Kennedy working on the mural

GCCS senior, Camryn Manero with Mrs. Rainey

GCCS senior, Camryn Manero with Mrs. Rainey

Day 27-33: Sanding, Painting, and Waxing!

Janice Bates and Brady Mariner doing a fine job this week of sanding, priming, and painting!

The progress inside…

…and the progress outside!

Ralph DiTore has been a help this week working on the stairwell along with other projects

Progress in G-12

G-13 getting some wax

…as is G-14!

The gym signage is back up after the gym got some fresh paint…

…we appreciate the nice job Mike Proto has done!

The view out of the gym into the hall…

…the view out of the building…

…to the renovation of G-11

A special thanks goes out to the “helping hands” volunteers who’ve been around campus this week!

Day 16-26: Dropceiling, Doors, and Floors!

New drop ceilings in the entryway/hallway by G-10 and G-11

Renovations have begun to G-11

Shedding a little light in the new closet

The gym is getting some paint as well!

The new doors are here…

…and the new doors are up!

New doors in the hallway!

Floor is prepped in the first half of G-12…

…and now the new floor is down!

The new floors continue into the second half of G-12…


..and G-14!

Day 12-15: Finishing the drywall and painting continues…

Fresh paint is going up!

Looking brighter!

Hallway is looking fresh…

with the help of our stalwart crew!

Painting in the nurse’s office…

and in the old AD office as well!

New closet has paint too!

Stairwells are coming along…

… and drywall is getting prepped for spackle and paint!

Electrical being run in the new closet areas separating the new Kindergarten and Pre-K classrooms in G-12

Electrical being run in the new closet areas separating the new Kindergarten and Pre-K classrooms in G-12


G-13 painted and floor prepped for new tile later this week

G-14 is also painted and ready for new tile later this week

Tile is here for G-12 (Pe-K & K5), G-13 (1st Grade), and G-14 (2nd Grade)

Day 7-11: Spackle, paint, and sweat, oh my!

Our fearless workers are braving the heat and humidity as they push ahead on the construction!

Sheetrock going up…

…and moving along down the hall

And now spackling…

…up and down the new wall

Some paint going up across from G-12

A look down the newly made coat/cubby area

Spackling in G-12/Pre-K…

…and paint beginning!

Spackling in G-12/Kindergarten…

…and paint here as well!

Spackling in the new nurse’s office

Spackling in the new nurse’s office

Some spackling going on in the hall between G-10 and G-11…

…and extending down the hall


G-14’s carpet is up and gone now as well

Day 5-6: Improvements keep going along!

New stairwell wall is moving right along!

New closet walls outside G-12 are on their way too!

New door for the stairwell is framed and partly sheetrocked

The other side of the new wall/closet area in G-12 is finished being sheetrocked


G-13 is getting a facelift! Out with the old carpet and in with a new tiled floor.

The old AD office is getting some work done as well!

Carpet is up!

Day 3-4: Sheetrock is going up!

Mike Proto of the Maintenance Dept. taking the lockers out of the hall

Sheetrock has arrived!

Sheetrock has arrived!

Sheetrock is going up in G-12!

Sheetrock is up on this side!

New door into the new nurse’s office




New wall in the old snack bar dividing the room into the new nurses office and a closet

New closet space created from the snack bar




Day 2: Change Comes to the Hallway too!

First things first, remember to always coordinate your outfit with your tools!

Business Office member and Alumnus Amy Mariner lending a helping hand in removing the lockers

Great progress was seen today as construction continued in G-12 and began in the ajoining hallway .

Lab shower partition is no more…

…thanks to GCCS School Board member, Steve Iles!

Lockers are gone!

New closet area/entryways being framed out

New closet area/entryways being framed out

New closet area/entryways being framed out

The shadow of the trophy case reveals a glimpse of 1991!















History is on the move… to H-Building!

Who helped earn that quality award from the 1994 Spelling Bee?

Trophy cases have moved into H-Building!

Dustin’s memory will continue on in H-Building lobby








Day 1: First Day of Summer, First Day of Construction

It’s summertime again! While our student’s work may be over for this school year, the work around the campus is just getting started!

GCCS Summer Construction members Brady Mariner (Class of 2018) and Robert Turner (Junior, Class of 2020)


Today we had a great crew working on the initial steps of converting the G-Building science lab into the new Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, including: Greg Maynard, former GCCS teacher/administrator; Dave Mecke, father of 3 GCCS alumni; Dave Dersch, grandfather of 2 alumni and 1 current GCCS sophomore, GCCS Maintenance member Matt Davis, and summer helpers alumnus Brady Mariner (GCCS class of 2018) and Bobby Turner (current GCCS junior).

The lab tables, fixtures, and dividing wall have been removed and initial framing has begun!

Deconstruction to G-12 science lab begins

G-12 framing begins!

Deconstruction of G-12 and Framing

End Day 1

End Day 1

End Day 1

During the school year our Maintenance Department of Matt Davis and Mike Proto had already begun converting the snack bar of G-Building into the new nurse’s office.

Snack bar mid-transition into nurse’s office

With all of this done on day 1, it will be amazing to see the great changes to come throughout the summer season to the campus of GCCS.

Oh, how great the blessings of God on this school has been! He truly blesses us beyond measure!

Keep an eye here for more updates as the summer progresses!!!